Rotating pictures on your desktop

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Rotating pictures on your desktop

I recently became a Dad for the first time after my wife gave birth to my son James. I took some time off to help settle James in but eventually I had to return to work. As much as I enjoyed getting back to my desk and catching up with clients it was really difficult to leave my wife and James at home. I came to the conclusion that one thing I needed to make me feel a little more at ease was a picture of them to keep on my desk. That evening I got the camera out and took some pictures to take to work with me.

Now the obvious thing to do would be to buy some kind of frame or to print them out and keep them in my wallet but being the geeky type of guy I am I was sure I could find something a little more fancy. As I spend the majority of time at my desk staring at my PC it made sense that I should look for something that would allow me to display the images on my screen.

Many of you will have used your personal images as a desktop background or screen saver before. Unfortunately my screen saver never gets a look in and a good chunk of my PC desktop is covered with icons. The only avenue left was to look for a windows gadget and eventually I came across Digital Frame 2.

Digital Frame 2 allows you to select images from a range of locations and display them on your desktop. You can change the size of the frame and place frame anywhere on your desktop.

You can use images from Flickr or Facebook as well as control the behaviour of the slide show like setting how often the images change. In my case I just had a handful of pictures of my son so I created a folder and added the images. I set the size and other settings and placed the gadget where I wanted it. Every time I now close one program to start on the next task I get to see my son staring back at me (or asleep depending which image it is). The best bit is that I can easily change the images just by adding or removing them from the directory I created.



Chris Nagy

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