Boost Online Success in 2019 - 5 Top Tips

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Boost Online Success in 2019 - 5 Top Tips

Website owners and marketers (if they’re doing their jobs properly) are constantly looking to boost online success for their clients and businesses. With search requirements changing regularly, it makes sense to stay on top of the online real estate and look after your interests.

Many business owners still believe that all they need is a website and they’re away. This is simply not true. Websites are like shop windows, reflecting all that the business is and offers. Shop keepers regularly change the window display, and this is still excellent practice, even if your business is just sitting online in a website, on social media or anywhere else virtually, without a High Street position. 

Keeping your business current, active and fresh is critical if you are to be heard above the noise made online. J&L understand that busy business owners are spending their time running their businesses and doing what they do best. This doesn’t always include vital marketing. We’re here with 5 top tips to help you decide where best to optimise your business – don’t forget, we can help!

New website design

Boost Online Success in 2019 - 5 Top Tips

Many business owners overlook the importance of website design and often these quickly become outdated. A fresh website design with optimised functionality can go a long way to strengthening the user experience. It isn’t just about a good look either. Clear, fresh navigation, optimised images and video and helpful external links are all important factors to help you first get some traffic, then keep your visitors interested.

J&L can help you with the completion of a new website design and improved functionality for your visitors. Find out more about our website design services.

Mobile optimisation

The importance of mobile optimisation is another area that doesn’t garner enough attention in the digital marketing world. Despite Google’s insistence that it will reward mobile-friendly sites, a large number of online real estate is still unsuitable for mobile. 

Mobile search is beginning to overtake that of desktop. We’ve talked exhaustively about this already this year. Talk to us about getting your website mobile-friendly and functioning perfectly on all devices.

Strategy planning

Strategy is critical in online marketing. So is monitoring the strategy in minute detail. Strategy planning is not a one-time thing either, it should be fluid and adaptable. When strategic analysis of the plan is carried out regularly, either weekly or monthly, adjustments can be quickly made according to your findings.

Planning and strategic analysis is a core requirement for success in today’s noisy, busy online world. Talk to us about a one-off report to guide you, or an ongoing commitment that gives greater value to define and determine your business goals.

Social media

Creating business engagement via social media is still one of the most effective ways to market your business, whatever your sector. Deciding which platform to use, however, can still be a tricky decision, which requires careful research. Content planning is also crucial, to ensure you reach the right audience at the right time.

J&L can help with social media planning and engagement through our experienced partners and can guide you towards the best software, systems and other elements needed for planning to make your business as productive as possible.

Search engine visibility

Search Engine Optimisation is still as vitally important in 2019 as it always has been, but best practices are constantly changing and adapting to the latest search criteria. Google releases regular algorithm updates, so it pays business owners to be aware. Making regular changes to your website and other online real estate is important. It isn’t just content that should be addressed with SEO. Technical optimisation is even more important today. Google’s speed update last year meant that site loading speed became super-critical.

J&L understand that your online success depends on many factors. Without diminishing the importance of the actual business offerings, your online presence only becomes effective when it is cared for in the same way.

Our industry experience, knowledge and understanding tells us that we can never stop learning and using the latest best practices for our clients to ensure that their businesses stand out from the competition. Let us do that learning for you, while you keep your focus on your business operations and goals. 

Talk to J&L today and boost your online success in 2019.

Chris Nagy

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