Security awareness training

Providing staff with an essential overview of the main aspects of IT security, ensuring they have an awareness and understanding of the key threats.

Cybersecurity is not a challenge that can be solved by technology alone. Employees are also a vital line of defence if they are equipped with the right information. Our training is designed to provide an accessible, jargon-free overview of the main aspects of IT security so they can avoid falling into common traps and help keep your business safe.

Whether getting new recruits up-to-speed or providing a refresher for existing staff, awareness training brings the issue of IT security to the forefront of your team’s mind. It means they will think twice before opening the attachments and clicking the links that can quickly have such a damaging impact.

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Our IT security services focus on six main areas:

J&L services

Website services


Website design

Web system development


Website hosting

Web server monitoring

Website security


Search engine optimisation (SEO)

Social media marketing

Content marketing


Data analytics (GDPR compliant)

Video and audio production

Website audiot and analytics

Software, systems & apps

Bespoke development

Mobile applications

Customer relationship management

User interface / user experience

Software enhancement

Systems databases

GDPR compliance

Off the shelf software

Recruitment software eCommerce

Content management system (CMS)

eCommerce system

IT services

Managed IT services

IT planning and optimisation

IT help desk

On site IT support

Remote IT support

IT consultancy

IT security and compliance

Disaster recovery

IT security services

IT compliance

Managed systems backups

IT infrastructure development

On site and off site servers

Cybersecurity services

Systems testing and audit

Network installation

Cloud based services

Virtual site audits

Virtual IT department

Cloud adoption Off

Off site back up

Remote monitoring

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