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Online marketing

As more and more people start using the internet on a daily basis the more they start turning to search engines to find the products, services and information they need. Understanding how to utilise search engines to bring in new business can be a very complex and involved task but for those who get it right the benefits can be astounding.

The SEO specialists at Jarrett & Lam are constantly researching and testing optimisation techniques to ensure they can offer the best service and support possible to our clients. We aim to understand you and your business so that we can work out what works best for you and what is going to bring you the most valuable traffic.

SEO Packages

At Jarrett & Lam we offer a range of SEO packages to suit all our clients needs. The cost of each package is calculated on a time spent basis. By staying flexible you can control how much time we spend on your site and we can do whatever work we feel is going to bring you the most valuable traffic. We do not have minimum contract so you are able to stop and start your SEO whenever you see fit.


There is no secret to what we do to optimise your site and all packages include a monthly report outlining exactly what we have done and why we have done it. All reports fully explain our actions enabling you to gain a deeper understanding of the practicalities of SEO allowing you to get as involved as you wish.

SEO Consultancy

For those clients who wish to do their own search engine optimisation we also offer a consultancy service. This gives you all the benefits of managing your own SEO project while still have the professional backup.

Our dealings with everyone at Jarrett and Lam have been exceptional. Clients comments about the website have been so gratifying to hear, everyone thinks it is amazing. We can honestly say that the service we have received from Jarrett and Lam has been outstanding right from the first meeting to the present date, their response to everything is "yes it can be done" and with them it can! I cannot recommend them highly enough.