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Blog - Welcome to Krisztian Nagy

Being a key account manager here Jarrett & Lam, I get to work with a whole variety of inspiring clients ranging from growing middle size to larger pioneering businesses. I am responsible for tracking their accounts and keeping them up to date with suggestions and plans, gathering data and making sure the products we build meet each of their specific requirements. It is a fairly complex role all in all.

Our recent projects of building bespoke websites and databases turned out to be particularly satisfying.

My aim is to understand our partners in depth, so that their digital marketing, design and printed media ideas can get implemented to our development stages in a way that helps them financially plan and manage their spending, thus allowing sensible control over accounts. This only works through frequent communication, meetings and catch ups.

Before coming here, I worked for UK based multi-national travel tech giant, specializing in finance, contracting, products and accesses so I am very comfortable overseeing what is best from technology to growing businesses, and now I can also develop them from scratch with the help of Jarrett & Lam.

I could have carried on with my finance career, but I applied for my current job because I was so impressed by the scale of opportunities with putting my stamp on an interesting and increasingly developing tech company.

Without a doubt, the smartest, most motivated and fun team I’ve ever worked with. Great leadership and a fantastic place to work. There is so much skill-sharing and passion that we are all learning new things every day besides coming up with some great ideas for the projects we’re working on.

When not at work I like to cherish my 1987 BMW 525e and plan intercontinental road trips, similar to the one I participated in 2011 to West Africa with my 1985 Fiat 126 covering over 4500miles.

Born in Hungary I have been living in the UK over 7 years. My dream is to retire in Hawaii after a life changing career in business development.

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