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Blog - Importing Contacts From Excel to Palustris

To import Contacts/Candidates from Excel to Palustris, it is required that you first to export them into Outlook.

This guide is written for Office 2007 however it will be similar in all versions of office.


Palustris makes use of the contacts folder in Outlook.
Please ensure you have made a backup of any contacts you have in outlook to ensure they are not lost during the process.

Jarrett and Lam cannot accept any responsibility for incorrect implementation of these instructions.


From Excel into Palustris – From Excel to Outlook


1.)    To do this you will want to have all your relevant information for the contact (Name, Address) as labelled columns on the top row as shown below.


2.) Next you highlight all the information you have using the Shift key and then right click, selecting from the drop down menu “Name A Range” 


3.) After you’ve clicked on it a box will pop up (same as below) Name this range as anything you want. 


4.) Save As... a “Excel 97-2003 Workbook” (.xls). This applies even if you are using Office 2007.


From Excel into Palustris – Importing from Outlook

1.) First select “File” then “Import and Export” (highlighted on below).


2.)    Next you will need to select to send “Import from another program or file” then click next (highlighted below).

3.) After this select “Microsoft Excel 97-2003” (highlighted below).

4.) Use “Browse...” and select the file you just created and tick either Replace or Do not import duplicate items (shown below), then press next.

5.) Select “Contacts” as your destination folder. If you already have Contacts it might be easier to manage the old ones if you create a new group called Old Contacts or similar (note “Test Import” folder). You NEED to have your Palustris Client Contacts/Candidates in the base Contacts folder.

6.) Once you have clicked next from that screen you come to the following screen.  Select Map Custom Fields.

7.) The next screen which will pop up will show on the left the fields you have, and on the right the ones regarded by Outlook. To map these to each other just drag and drop the relevant fields from the left to the right, then click OK, then Finish.


From Excel into Palustris – Categorizing your Contacts

1.) The next step requires you to categorize these Candidates/Clients as either “Palustris Candidates” or “Palustris Client Contacts”. First select your “Contacts...” screen and select “View a Current View a By Category”. This will separate your Contacts by category.


2.) Use shift and the left mouse button to select all the Contacts you want to put into Palustris, then right click and select “Categorize... à All Categories”. This will bring up the following screen.


Notice the ticked Category, I will be showing you how to create it next.



3.) Select “New...” from the top right and type in the box “Palustris Candidates” or “Palustris Client Contacts” (capitalisation is important) depending on what you want to import them as (shown below).


Now you can tick it like number 2.)’s screenshot is and press OK. 


Now you have created the Category, adding it to additional Contacts is as simple as right clicking on the “Categories” column for the Contact, and selecting the relevant Category.


Once this has been done we can Import from Outlook to Palustris.


From Excel into Palustris – Importing from Palustris


Now that you have Imported into Outlook and set the Category as either “Palustris Client Contacts” or “Palustris Candidates” we can Import them into Palustris.


1.)    Load Palustris – and from the top toolbar select “Tools à Outlook Interface”. This will bring up the following screen.


2.) As shown in the above screenshot select the “Import from Outlook” tab and press the “Import from Outlook”. It will show the following message. 


You can check whether the import was successful by going to your “Client Contacts” or “Candidates” screen and searching by the registration date for today, and looking for the Clients/Candidates you wanted to import.



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