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Blog - Google Plus business pages are here

Earlier today Google announced the launch of the long awaited business offering, Google+ pages. Until now Google+ has been very focused on people with nothing to offer other entities such as brands or local businesses. This has been seen by some as a big failing of Google+ especially as Facebook pages have been growing in popularity. Google+ place pages are being rolled out to everyone over the next couple of days and we have spent this evening setting our own Jarrett & Lam page while having a general look at what’s on offer.

The signup process is quick and easy, like Facebook you will need to have an account already but past that it’s a case of filling out some basic information and your done. Google+ offers a range of page types dependant on what the page is for with the main difference for local businesses being that you can enter a geographical address and phone number.

Once your page has been created you will notice that it is much the same as the normal Google+ account (apart from you now have a drop down box by your profile picture where you can select if you wish to post as you or your business page). Your page can have circles just like a normal Google+ account and you can start hangouts to. As you would expect you can upload images and videos and share links and other information via your stream. Like a normal Google+ you can control who gets to see your status updates so if you have different grades of clients or customers in different business sectors you can create specific content for those groups, a feature that is lacking from Facebook pages (which only allows you to categorise by country or language).

The biggest thing for us is something may people will probably miss during the signup process, you place page can also tie into your Google places listing and you website. The link between your Google place listing and your website in most cases been there for some time but now (for those who create a Google+ page) those two entities can now be linked to the people related to them far beyond anything else has done so far.

Google has said there is still plenty more to come for Google+ and it must be said there is quite a bit of potential in what they have done so far. This latest development is not going to win the war with Facebook by itself but it’s a strong message from Google saying they have only just started with Google+.

Check out the Jarrett & Lam Google+ page and let us know what you think.



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