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Lessons from the Morrisons data breach ruling

Supermarket chain Morrisons is facing a multi-million-pound compensation claim after losing its appeal against last year's High Court ruling that it was 'vicariously liable' for a data breach where ... read more

Welcome to Osama Munir

We are thrilled to welcome our new developer, Osama Munir.Jarrett & Lam is constantly looking for passionate and motivated talents to join our team, and this month we are excited to welcome Osama ... read more

Creating Google reCAPTCHA keys

Log into a Google account Go to https://www.google.com/recaptcha/admin Under ‘Register new site’: In ‘label’: enter the website name e.g. Jarrett & L ... read more

Welcome to Krisztian Nagy

Being a key account manager here Jarrett & Lam, I get to work with a whole variety of inspiring clients ranging from growing middle size to larger pioneering businesses. I am responsible for tracking ... read more

Why Your Kids (And You) Should be Learning to Program - And How to Start!

In our ever modernising and computerising global economy, the demand for computer programmers is growing constantly. To the point that the currently demand for programmers cleanly outweighs the supp ... read more

Welcome to Michael McGettrick

Jarrett & Lam are pleased to welcome Michael McGettrick to our growing team of software developers. Michael has a broad skillset including HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, SQL and Python. He has a ... read more

How To Spot Dangerous Emails

Today, spam email is a pain for everyone. Constant newsletters you don’t want or updates from websites you haven’t used in years. Even people trying to sell you things. It’s annoying and it can ... read more

Jarrett and Lam Branded Products

Here at Jarrett & Lam, we really want our clients and associates to know that we’re passionate about what we do. So, we recently reviewed some of our marketing and branding strategies and decided to ... read more

How to Clear the Cache on your Mobile Phone

The cache is a really powerful tool that your browsers use to improve your experience using the internet. It means that if you visit a webpage regularly, instead of downloading the page content again, ... read more

Schedule Windows 10 update downloads

By default, Windows 10 will download updates as they become available. Unfortunately, people with limited available bandwidth can suddenly find their internet becomes unusable as Windows update starts ... read more

BitTorrent Sync: The free and unlimited alternative to Dropbox

File synchronisation services like Dropbox have become essential for many businesses. The ability to synchronise data across multiple machines, work on files collaboratively and to access data on the ... read more

Google conference keynote summary

Last night was the opening of Google I/O, Google’s annual developers conference. Streamed live via YouTube, Google’s best and brightest took turns to tell the world how much the search gia ... read more

Search engines indexing more than you wanted?

Last week, Wired ran a story on a publication released by the NSA about internet research techniques. The document was released after a freedom of information request and covers a range of topics incl ... read more

The Problems With Web Based Software

Web based software can offer business a number of advantages over traditional PC based programs but, like many technological advancements, there is another edge to that sword. Modern web technologi ... read more

Save time managing your social media

We recently launched a new service for vets with the aim of solving an issue we see regularly in the veterinary industry. While many vets would like to be taking advantage of things like blogging and ... read more

Writing Website Content

Content is a vital part of any website and is often the area that can be improved the most. Here are our top tips for creating or improving your website content. Be Concise People do not re ... read more

Giving someone access to your Google Analytics

To give another Google account access to your Google Analytics click on the admin button in the top right of the screen, select the account you wish to give them access to then select the users tab ... read more

Google Toolbar PageRank

Toolbar pagerank (aka TBPR) refers to the pagerank bar that is included in the Google toolbar. It indicates the value Google attributes to the web page currently being viewed. This is a different t ... read more

Type of links

The whole basis of the World Wide Web was the ability to navigate from one document to another via hypertext links so users could navigate from one thing to another. Since then things have evolved ... read more

Using Google Street View to take people inside your business

Google recently started to expand its Street View service to start enabling businesses to take their website visitors inside buildings. This started off with famous landmarks but has been expanded ... read more

Ranking factors for Google Local

Like its main web search engine, Google Places (which is changing to Google+ Local) has a range of factors it looks at when deciding where to list your business. Some of these are common factors tha ... read more

do you need a mobile website?

With the growing number of people using mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets to browse the internet having a website that can cater for those visitors is becoming ever more importan ... read more

Google to retire the iGoogle homepage

Google recently announced that as part of their spring cleaning they will be retiring iGoogle. The service will no longer be available as of the 1st November 2013. The service which allows you ... read more

Google Launches Google Plus Local

Google announced today that they have launched a new Google+ feature called Google+ Local. Google+ local is the result of Google places (commonly associated with Google maps) being given the G ... read more

Google Penguin Update

Google recently launched an update which aims to clean up their search results. In a post on their webmaster central blog, Another step to reward high-quality sites, Google explained the background ... read more

So you have a website, now time to meet Google

We have launched a huge number of websites over the years. One common occurance with most new website launches is that it is rarely very long before each client comes back to us with a huge list of ... read more

Government Digital Services give their take on EU Cookie Law

The Government Digital Services team recently hosted a meeting of government website managers, developers, policy advisers and communications experts to discuss a range of issues including the EU C ... read more

Google not provided keyword data

In October 2011 Google introduced SSL encryption for people searching the web while signed into a Google account. Initially this only covered people using Google.com for searches but is now going t ... read more

Importing Contacts From Excel to Palustris

To import Contacts/Candidates from Excel to Palustris, it is required that you first to export them into Outlook. This guide is written for Office 2007 however it will be similar in all version ... read more

New Facebook Pages use Timeline feature

Facebook recently announced they were revamping how their fan pages work. The new pages will use the timeline feature which was launched for facebook users a few months back. If you go to one o ... read more

Setting up an Email Account on an iPhone

Having email on the go can be vital for many business. This guide will take you through step by step how to set up an email account on an iPhone. Your email account settings can be found in the set ... read more

Setting up an Email Account in Outlook

In this post we are going to go through how to set up an email account in Outlook. In this instance we are using Outlook 2007 but other versions follow a very similar process. As we go I am also go ... read more

Introduction to website analytics

Tracking how visitors find and use your website can play a very important role in the effective running of your website. The information most analytics programs provide can tell you how visitors fou ... read more

Personalised search

In our post about how Google works we showed you a video created by Google which explained some of the basic mechanics behind the website we all turn to when looking for things on the web. In reali ... read more

Bounce Rate explained.

Bounce rate is something that you will probably come across when looking at analytical data for a website. It basically shows the amount of traffic that left your website after only viewing one pag ... read more

Contact Form Spam

Contact forms are a fantastic way to allow visitors to your website get in touch directly from your site. People can fill the form in with their query which your website then takes, generates and ... read more

Twitter and not knowing the facts before you tweet about something

Social media can indeed be a very powerful tool if used correctly, unfortunately it can also be devastating if used badly as demonstrated by Ashton Kutcher. I actually heard about this from Doc She ... read more

Google Plus business pages are here

Earlier today Google announced the launch of the long awaited business offering, Google+ pages. Until now Google+ has been very focused on people with nothing to offer other entities such as bran ... read more

Guide to DNS

Anyone who owns a domain name will have heard of the terms DNS. It may not come up very often but when it does having an understanding of what DNS is and how it works can be a huge help. Like ... read more

EU cookie legislation and the effects of implementation

Earlier in the year new legislation came into effect requiring website owners to ensure that their website get explicit permission from each user before using cookies to store information on the us ... read more

Google Plus opens its doors for public signups

Google+ opened it's doors for public signups yesterday allowing anyone to signup to Google+ via google.com/+. The change comes alongside a number of additional updates to the Google+ service. ... read more

how to take a print screen

Saving an image of what you can see on your desktop is very quick and easy and can be invaluable when passing on errors to an IT support person. The print screen button is generally located in ... read more

Finding a good SEO provider

One question we get asked quite a bit when we are out and about speaking at conferences is how do we recomend someone goes about finding a good SEO provider? This question also comes up quite a bit ... read more

what good does it do to turn my PC off and on again

If computers play a even a small role in your job you will no doubt have experienced the frustration caused when a PC refuses to do what it is supposed to. This is often the time most people resort ... read more

looking after your IT

The majority of businesses now rely on IT in some form or another. Even if your IT infrastructure equates to one PC it is important to ask yourself how critical is that PC for the running of your bu ... read more

The differences between full, OEM and upgrade software licences

If you have ever had to buy software for your PC you may well have come across the variety of licences companies like Microsoft use to sell software. Buying and installing the incorrect licence be v ... read more

How to speed up Outlook

For many businesses Microsoft Outlook plays a key role in communication. The more emails you get the slower Outlook can become and the risk of data becoming corrupted can increase. Fortunately there a ... read more

Rotating pictures on your desktop

I recently became a Dad for the first time after my wife gave birth to my son James. I took some time off to help settle James in but eventually I had to return to work. As much as I enjoyed getting b ... read more

Google launches field trial of Google Plus

Google recently launched a limited field trial of their new answer to social media. Google plus brings together a number of features you may recognise from existing social media platforms such as F ... read more

Introduction to Voice Over IP (VOIP)

Voice over IP (VOIP) is one of those things that many people will have heard of but may not have had any experience of. VOIP is essentially internet based telephone services where the two sides of a ... read more

Internet Explorer 9 Released

As many of you may have seen in the news the latest version of microsofts Intenet Explorer 9 has now been released. Internet Explorer 9 promisies a whole host of new features including improved s ... read more

The advantages of having multiple domain names

As any of you who have tried to type our domain name directly into a web browser will have noticed we at Jarrett & Lam may not have picked the best domain name in the world. We, like many others, ... read more

Cold callers offering IT support

The world of IT can be very confusing place! It’s no wonder so many people come to professionals like us to keep everything running smoothly.  Unfortunately some people like to take advantag ... read more

How Google Works

When marketing your business online you will more than likely come across a number of buzz words and terms that might sound fantastic but don't actually tell you much about what they are. Is your we ... read more

Image copyright

The development of the internet has influenced a huge amount of our daily lives but the speed at which it has grown has brought with it a number of growing pains. Legislation that was written before t ... read more

image resizing for websites

One of the areas that trips most people up when it comes to running a website are the images and pictures. Modern digital cameras can take pictures in a huge level of detail. When printing images out ... read more

Spotting deceptive links

Links to pages of a website or documents hosted online appear on our PC screens nearly all the time we. Be it on a website, in an email or in a document links are how we navigate the World Wide Web ... read more